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Alice's Adventures Carroll/Kaneko, 1974

Alice's Adventures  Carroll/Kaneko, 1974
Alice's Adventures  Carroll/Kaneko, 1974 Alice's Adventures  Carroll/Kaneko, 1974 Alice's Adventures  Carroll/Kaneko, 1974 Alice's Adventures  Carroll/Kaneko, 1974

Cover Type: Hardback

Edition: 1st Edition

Illustrated: Yes

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis illustrated by Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Published by Olivetti, Milan, 1974

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Extremely rare English Language edition, illustrated by renowned Japanese artist Kuniyoshi Kaneko, an Olivetti privately printed book 1974. Very Good/Fine condition.

Red cloth covered Hardback book measuring 28.5cm x 35cm with an oval pictorial inlay measuring 24 cm x 17 cm. Contains 122 pages with 13 large b&w illustrations by Kaneko. In addition there is colour frontispiece plus the large 2 page illustration on the inside cover and end page which is replicated on the back covers. At rear of book, it states 'This Olivetti edition, first published in 1974, is an unabridged republication of the work published by Penguin Books Ltd., London, this book is not for sale' First Edition thus,  Illustrations are good and clean in excellent condition. The pages are crisp and white and have not yellowed with age and there are no creases or marks elsewhere.
The book in very good/fine condition overall.
These books were given as gifts at Christmas to Olivetti clients & suppliers and were known as 'Libri Strenna' in Italy and the English language editions were distributed in the UK in very small numbers. These were not for sale to the public and are therefore some of the rarest 'Alice' illustrations ever published.

About Olivetti - Libri Strenna

Fed up with giving meaningless Christmas gifts at Christmas, the tradition of these books was the idea of Giorgio Soavi at Olivetti who decided that he wanted to give a gift that would be a Collector's item and so the birth of these books began in 1972, using Literary Works of Art illustrated by contemporary artists. The first book was Pinocchio illustrated by Polish artist Roland Topor followed by many others and the tradition continued until 2005. More information can be found on

About the artist, Kuniyoshi Kaneko

Born in Tokyo 1936, Kaneko is an interesting & very successful artist who pays homage to Alice in his drawings and he has returned to the Alice theme many times since this book was published. He was the illustrator for a very successful & now highly sought after CD-Rom, entitled 'Alice: An Interactive Museum'. He is also an acclaimed photographer and has published several art books over the years and his work can be adult themed.

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